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Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Physical

Your annual physical is coming up, but maybe you’re thinking of skipping it this year. After all, you’re busy with many different responsibilities, and it would be so much easier to take at least one thing off your plate. But that one thing should never be your annual physical. 

It’s common nowadays hear pundits say that your annual physical is unnecessary. But the truth is, you need this yearly doctor’s visit as much as you ever have. Thomas E. Sulkowski, MD, and the rest of us here at Sulkowski Family Medicine are happy to set up an annual physical for you as well as to give you the lowdown on why this appointment is so important to keep. 

What is an annual physical and why is it so important?

Your annual physical exam is a standing yearly appointment you have with your doctor, even if nothing seems to be wrong. Some people have to get a yearly physical because of their jobs while others may be required to do so in order to keep their insurance benefits. Still, if this isn’t a mandatory doctor’s visit, is it really necessary?

Yes, and here’s why.

Call it a checkup

Many people wouldn’t hesitate to get their children a checkup just to make sure their growing bodies are healthy. The same thing should still be important, even if you are an adult. 

During an annual physical, we do a number of tests that are necessary to help us get a picture of your overall health, including tests for your blood pressure, your heart rate, and your organs. Just getting this simple checkup can be a good way of knowing where you stand, if for nothing more than your peace of mind.

Screenings for diseases and cancer

While no one likes to think about these possibilities, diseases and cancers become more and more likely to occur the older you get. As a result, even if you are only in your 30s, you’re more susceptible to problems than you were in your 20s. At a yearly doctor’s visit, we’re able to see red flags that could be signs of a serious problem.

Ask more questions

If you see us for an annual wellness visit, you might be more inclined to ask general questions about your health than you would be if you were here for a specific reason. This can open you up to a host of new answers and ideas that help you stay at your healthiest.

Getting to know you

When you visit us at least once a year, you are more likely to get to know us and to feel comfortable in our presence. This yearly visit also allows us to remember you and your needs more easily. 

Dr. Sulkowski loves when his patients come in for their annual physical because he can spend time catching up with them on their lives and their expectations for their personal health. Also, people who have a better relationship with their doctors tend to be more likely to visit when they really do need help.

Why shouldn’t I skip my annual physical?

We recommend an annual physical for our patients of any age. And many insurance companies offer it free of charge. If you skip your annual physical, it’s like giving away a free health consultation.

You can probably see why Dr. Sulkowski and the rest of us at his office are such big proponents of the annual physical. After all, we believe all of our patients should be as informed, healthy, and comfortable with visiting us as possible, and the annual physical helps us help you maintain your health.

Call us today to make an appointment at our Murfreesboro, Tennessee, office. You can also book an appointment online. Don’t wait; there are so many reasons to stay up to date on your annual physical. 

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